Can your business survive check fraud? EZ Shield check fraud assistance keeps business going while experts resolve the damage.

Check fraud continues to rise and every company is a potential target. Even one incident can disrupt your cash flow, compromise your credit and your ability to conduct business.

The good news is that it's easy to protect your business and reputation with EZShield Premium®or EZShield PLUS® check fraud assistance and business identity restoration services. These services, combined with embedded high-security check features, enable you to keep business running as usual even if you experience fraud.

Fully managed damage control will:

  • Provide up to a $25,000 advance within 72 hours for qualified check fraud losses*
  • Restore your business identity and credit rating to pre-theft status — saving you hundreds of hours!
  • Work directly with financial institutions, credit bureaus, IRS, U.S. Postal Service, Social Security Administration and other agencies recommended by the FTC


Don't risk the consequences of check fraud. 

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