Introducing Safeguard eChecks powered by VerifyValid™

Now, with just a few keystrokes, you can use this secure, Web-based authorization and payment platform to generate and deliver checks online. It's safe. It's fast. And your payee receives a check that can be used wherever and whenever checks are accepted.

  • Built on a patented fraud prevention platform
  • Compatible with existing accounting software & systems
  • No need to change processes or buy new equipment
  • Payees don't need an account to receive eChecks

Receiving eChecks

Receive checks in one convenient location with a free Virtual Lockbox
Receiving and depositing an eCheck is also easy and safe, even without ordering a Safeguard eCheck package. If you have an account, your free Lockbox is the best way to manage the checks you receive. Plus, if you bank with one of VerifyValid's partnering financial institutions, you'll be able to deposit checks directly into your checking account. Our Export Remittance feature makes uploading check information into your accounting software easy and efficient.

Receive a Check in Your Lockbox

Deposit a Check

Sending eChecks

Send a single check, send multiple checks, even run batches of checks directly from your accounting software
With Safeguard eChecks, sending a single check or creating and sending multiple checks is fast, easy and secure. If you use accounting software, it's easy to create and send batch check runs. Simply export a .CSV file from your accounting software, upload it to the Safeguard eChecks powered by VerifyValid™ service and with just a few clicks you can deliver any number of checks in just seconds!

Send a Single Check

Send Multiple Check

Send a Check Batch